Tim Horton’s & 7Eleven Fire Alarm System inspection & installation

Tim Horton’s and 7Eleven

Tim Horton’s and 7Eleven are both very popular spots for many Canadians. With almost 4000 locations across Canada since its first store opening in 1964, Tim Horton’s has over time become a staple of Canada’s identity and what it means to be Canadian. Meanwhile, 7Eleven boasts being the largest convenience store chain in the world with more than 50,000 locations worldwide.

During their routine inspection of the North Vancouver Tim Horton’s / 7Eleven location, the team at Phoenix Fire noticed communication trouble on the building’s existing panel. Furthermore, a power issue with the annunciator rendered a system change absolutely necessary. Maple Armor Technologies was able to provide the ideal solution.

Given the small commercial space, the system itself is very simple. It now features Maple Armor Technologies’ FW106 fire alarm control panel and FW122 Remote LCD Annunciator; its Photoelectric Smoke Detector; and FW721 manual pull stations. The system also required  FW811 Input Module and FW851 isolation module.

The system was installed by one technician and up and running in two days. Despite difficulties stemming from the old system’s wiring, the new Maple Armor Technologies’ system was installed without any issues or delays thanks to Phoenix Fire’s expertise. We’ve received amazing feedback from our customers, and we can’t wait to help them with any future fire safety needs they have.

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