FW963 Horn/Strobe

FireWatcher 962

Multi Candela Horn/Strobe
The FW962 Horn/Strobe has a LED light source offers superior performance, including low power consumption and long operating life.
FW963 Horn/Strobe
Case Studies Dominican University College

Dominican University College

Replacement of failed fire protection system

Case Studies - Lizzy Bay Homes

Lizzy Bay Homes

Fire Prevention System Installation

Addressable Multi-Candela Horn/Strobe

The FW962 Horn/Strobe is a multi-candela visual and/or audible signal device with light sources generated from white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), listed according to UL 1971, UL 1638, UL 464, ULC-S525, and ULC-S526 for indoor use.


The strobe appliances produce a flash rate of one flash per second over the Regulated Voltage Range. The temporal tone generated by the horn portion is designed as per ANSI and NFPA72 for standard emergency evacuation signaling requirement.


UL/ULC/FM/FCC listed


Power Usage

Five levels of light output are selectable. The default setting is highest level.
  • The horn/strobe has the feature that can synchronize multiple horn and strobes in a complete fire alarm system.
  • The horn has a feature that can synchronize multiple horns in a complete fire alarm system.
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounting

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FW963 Horn/Strobe

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